Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Common Names in Bangladesh

The names of Bangladeshi people vary around rellegion. Bangladesh is pre-occupied with Muslim Population, following with Hindu, Budhda, Christian, and other tribal religion. Each religion has distinctive set of names.

Irrespective of religion, typical names of people in Bangladesh contains first and last names like the west. However, most people in family and close circles are also called by Nicknames, which can be totally different from First and Last Name. The use of Nickname is more popular in Bangladeshi people, then their First and Last Name.

The Muslims typically use Muhammed, Mohammad, Muhammad or Md. at the beginning of their name. This should have been an title. However, it became a part of the name. So, a typical Muslim name contains 3 parts: Mohammad First Last.

Again in Muslim names, you can rarely find family names. Moreover, the last name may not always be the family name. Some of the most popular family names in Bangladesh are:
  • Khan
  • Chowdhury or Chaudhury
  • Khandoker
  • Syed
  • Sheikh
  • Kazi or Quazi
  • Akhand
  • Dhali
These family names can be easily utilized as first or last name. However, Sheikh and Syed are used before any name, but there are huge number of exceptions as well.

The popular last names for both males and females in Bangladesh:
  • (ul) Islam,
  • (ur) Rahman,
  • (ul) Hassan,
  • Uddin,
  • Hossain or Hussain,
  • Haque or Haq,
  • Akter (Female, but used by males also), etc.
The popular last names for females in Bangladesh:
  • Begum,
  • Sultana,
  • Pervin, Parvin or Parveen, etc.
Popular last names for males that are also used as first names in Bangladesh:
  • Ali,
  • Khalil,
  • Ahmed,
  • Amin,
  • Alam, etc.